ROSS WILSON, FILMOGRAPHY (Producer/Director unless otherwise noted):

Libel (Executive Producer/Director 2009/10)
6x50' for BBC ONE

The Legacy of Lawrence (Executive Producer 2009)
1x60' for BBC TWO BBC Scotland for BBC 2. Former British military officer and diplomat Rory Stewart examines the legacy of T. E. Lawrence.

Russell Brand On The Road (Executive Producer 2007)
1 x 60' for BBC FOUR Russell Brand's celebration of the 50th anniversary of Jack Kerouac's On The Road

The Waking Pill (Executive Producer 2007)
1 x 45 for BBC ONE LIFE strand
The moving story of two families investigation in South Africa and the UK the impact of a sleeping pill which promises to awaken their daughters from their comas.

Stephen Fry: HIV & Me (2006-2007)
Two x 1 hours for BBC TWO
Timely and moving documentaries examining how and why HIV/AIDS had fallen off the radar in the UK despite ever increasing infection figures. Stephen discovers despite medical advances in treatment that the stigma surrounding HIV is still as ferocious as ever.

Britain's Tallest Men (Executive Producer 2007)
1 x 60 for BBC THREE
A revealing documentary following the story of how 3 of Britain's tallest men try to cope with their exaggerated height.

Stephen Fry: Secret Life of The Manic Depressive (2005-2006)
Two x 1 hours for BBC TWO
Stephen reveals for the first time the full extent of his own experience of manic depression. He goes on to uncover the scale of this condition with over 4 million sufferers in Britain today and explores with them how they cope or don't with this debilitating mental illness.

Mississippi Burning: The End Game (2005)
Two x 1 hour documentaries;
1 for Channel 4 and the other for Court TV in the US about the trial after 40 years for murder of one of the key conspirators in the killings of 3 civil rights workers in 1964; killings that changed the course of the civil rights movement in the US in the 1960s.

Murder In The Outback (2005)
A 1 hour documentary for Sky Television about the questions and doubts surrounding the evidence in the run up to the trial of Bradley Murdoch for the murder of Peter Falconio, the British boyfriend of backpacker Joanne Lees in the Australian outback. The recent verdict made the front pages of all the British press.

Model Schoolgirls (2004)
A 1 hour documentary for Channel 4 investigating the experiences of a 9 year old girl in Australia and a 12 year old in Los Angeles whose modelling work and sexy imagery made the front pages. The programme raises questions about the ever younger sexualisation of girls.

The Other Side of Suez (2004)
Executive producer of a 1 hour documentary for BBC4/2 in co-production with CBC. It told the story of the 1956 Suez Crisis from the perspective of the Egyptians. This was a story of how Britain embarked on an unpopular war against an Arab nation, which critics claimed was based on a lie, and which brought disgrace to the Prime Minister of the day; Plus ca change!.

Missing From The Missing List (2004) A 1 hour documentary for Channel 4 examining 4 cases of young people who suddenly went missing and what their stories revealed about the disinterest shown by police and media until it was too late, a reaction that applies to most of those who go missing.

A Mother's Journey (2003)
A 1 hour programme that opened ITV's flagship documentary series Real Lives. The programme followed the mother of the only British victim of a Palestinian suicide bomber in Israel back to where her son was killed and to the West Bank to meet the 8 year old Palestinian girl who had received her son's kidney by transplant and who now lived because her son had died.

Beauty Queens and Bloodshed (2003)
This 1 hour Cutting Edge documentary for Channel 4 showed how the explosive result of Miss World choosing Nigeria for a venue was bloody riots, 250 dead, thousands injured and the million pound rescue of the 90 beauty queens in the dead of night. This was the inside story of Miss World 2002, a once celebrated organisation now dogged with problems.

Inside the Mind of Roy Keane (2003)
Fresh from his abrupt departure from the Ireland World Cup Squad, this Football Story for Channel 4 went inside the mind of football's most troubled player.

Cuba: The Other Side of Armageddon (2002)
This 1 hour documentary for BBC 4/ 2 was nominated for a Grierson award. In October 1962 the world was on the brink of nuclear war. Treacherous Soviets placed missiles on Cuba, 90 miles from the US mainland. For thirteen days the President stood eyeball to eyeball with the enemy. Until Khrushchev blinked. America won the Cuban Missile Crisis. That's the American story. This was the other side - told from the perspective of the Soviets and the Cubans.

The Trials of Joanne Lees (2002)
A 1 hour Cutting Edge special for Channel 4 that explored the background to the sudden disappearance of the boyfriend of backpacker Joanne Lees as they both travelled in the red centre of the Australian outback and how Joanne Lees moved quickly in the media's mind from victim to possible suspect.

Who Killed Kirsty Jones (2001)
A 1 hour documentary for Channel 4 that spawned the new documentary series Murder In Paradise. The programme examined the investigation by the Thai police into the murder of British backpacker Kirsty Jones.

Man in Black (2000)
A one hour observational documentary for the Channel 4 series Football Stories about the English Football Premiership's top referee, David Elleray, which in May 2001 won the Royal Television Society's Best Sports Documentary of the Year.

The Few (2000)
A 1 hour special for Channel 4's award winning Secret History Series about the myths surrounding the Battle of Britain pilots and the reality of their experience in this key Second World War air battle.

Back on the Market (2000)
A documentary for ITV's new Real Life series following the experiences of two women over 50 as they searched for Mr Right.

Spinners and Losers (1999)
A fly-on-the-wall 1 hour documentary about the election to Scotland's first parliament. This programme won the Royal Television Society award for best regional documentary in 2000.

After Lockerbie (1998)
A one hour documentary for ITV about families who lost loved ones at the Lockerbie plane bombing ten years before on December 21, 1988. This programme won the Best Documentary award at the 1999 BAFTA UK Awards and a Silver Medal at the New York Film and Television Festival.

Paying for the Piper (1998)
A one hour documentary for ABC Television and Channel 4 following a survivor of the world's worst oil platform explosion and his return 10 years later to confront what happened that night. Winner of a Gold Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival (1999).

Something in the Air (1998)
A 1 hour documentary for Channel 4's investigative series Dispatches examining the transmission of infections on aeroplanes.

Out of the Shadows and We Are The Treasury (1997)
Two 1 hour observational documentaries for ITV's documentary series Network First about Gordon Brown and his team - the first follows them in the 6 months run-up to the 1997 General Election, whilst the second goes with them inside the Treasury and watches the preparations for Gordon Brown's and Labour's first Budget in 20 years. This Programme was nominated for the Best Documentary at the 1998 BAFTA UK Awards.

Mountain Rescue (1996)
A 1 hour documentary exploring the work of the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team for Channel 4's series To The Ends of The Earth. This was later shown by National Geographic in their prime time Explorer series in the USA.

Firing Range (1995)
A one hour documentary for Channel 4's Cutting Edge series looking at the difficult relationships on a Highland estate between the new factor and the gamekeepers and estate workers.

The Greatest Show on Earth (1994)
A 1 hour documentary for ITV Arts following the varied (very) performers preparing to come to the Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe. Filmed in France, New York, Boston and Britain.

The Professional Beggar (1994)
A 1 hour documentary for ITV's new documentary series Network First which won a BAFTA for best factual series that year. This programme followed one man's search for £10 million to keep the charity Orbis's plane in the air treating the blind poor of the world. Filmed in Burma, Sudan, Albania, Jamaica and USA.

Missing in Action (1993)
Executive producer on a 90 minute documentary for Channel 4's award winning True Stories series. This programme featured one woman's search for her father, a pilot, who crash landed in the Vietnam War and whom she was led to believe was still alive. Filmed in the USA, Russia, Cambodia and Vietnam, this programme attained the highest ratings for the whole series and the best reviews.

Playing For Your Country (1993)
This 1 hour documentary for Channel 4 Arts & Music combined songs from the Gaelic rock band Runrig to 8 very different personal stories about trying to live and work on the remote islands of Scotland.

Wilderness (1992)
A 1 hour documentary for ITV also shown on Discovery in America and Europe. This documentary was presented by the Prince of Wales and looked at the problems facing the spectacular landscape of some of Scotland's wildest areas.

Connery (1992)
A 1 hour personal portrait for Channel 4 of the world's best known Scotsman culminated in his receiving the Freedom of Edinburgh, his home city. This documentary sold to over 50 countries including FOX in the US.

Selling the Secret (1991)
A 1 hour documentary for Channel 4's Equinox series and the first commission by Equinox to an ITV company. It investigated the Soviet Union's first efforts to raise hard currency by marketing the secrets of their space technology and was filmed in the Soviet Union and the USA.